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Growing Our Vision

At Old Railway Popcorn Company, we discovered the perfect location to grow the best popcorn in town. Our location has a rich history and is located alongside London-Huron & Bruce Railway, where popcorn grows in abundance alongside the now-abandoned section of the track. The rail line was an important contributor in transporting agricultural goods, and it also provided transportation service from the Huron County area to surrounding communities. The popcorn is proudly grown beside land that was once used to transport goods and connect communities. Today, our popcorn is a true testament to this rich history and tradition; although the section of the rail line has now been abandoned, Old Railway Popcorn Company is committed to continue the connection within the community, all through the sharing of a local, delicious snack.


Our  Mission

Conducting friendships and sharing a kernel of local history

Our  Vision

To develop quality local snacks, while maintaining our passion for agriculture, our community and our local history

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